When Disaster Strikes: Animal Shelter’s Heroic Rescue of Goats from a Fire

On May 25, 2017, the veterinary team at the San Jose Animal Care Center was finishing up the day’s surgical procedures when they were contacted by the Animal Services Officers who notified them that goats had been injured in a wildfire in Milpitas, California. The officers could not immediately see the condition of the goats Read More …

Officers Rescue Deer Trapped in Fence

This week we’re heading out to Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California with the San Jose Animal Services Officers to help rescue a deer that was trapped in a fence.

Vet & Officers Rescue Dog with Head Stuck in Fence

On October 18th, San Jose Animal Services was notified that a dog had gotten its head stuck in a wrought iron fence in an industrial area. Our team responded to the call.

Officers Rescue Tiny Kitten From Storm Drain

Animal Services Officers rescue animals every day. Their work is rarely noticed or appreciated unless you happen to be on the scene, so let’s take a trip with them now and then to see what it is they do… *               *               * On August 31, 2015, an Animal Services Officer Read More …

Cat’s Head Trapped in Tiny Hole, Rescued by Officers and Shelter Vet

Cost of Care provided by the San Jose Animal Care Center: $750-1,250 On the morning of June 24, 2014, I arrived to the shelter and before I could even put my things down, I was immediately notified that the Animal Services Officers would be needing my assistance in the field. A cat, presumably feral, had gotten its head Read More …