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“Dr. Ostermann I just found your page & I am so impressed. It is really encouraging as a long time rescuer to see the role of a shelter vet changing to one who is in there actively saving lives. Many of your saves brought tears to my eyes.” -Kris

“I’ve been following your ’Tails of Shelter Vet” blog— you are doing amazing, wonderful work! You represent the best of our profession.”An Animal Life author and veterinarian Dr. Howard Krum

Thank you for what you do! Having worked in shelters for the past 25 plus years, I have the utmost respect for shelter vets. I started as a volunteer, then kennel worker, then vet tech and ACO. Even now when I rush some broken creature into our shelter clinic it gives me such a sense of relief to know that even an abandoned stray will get the best of care ♥” –The Secret Life of Dog Catchers author Shirley Zindler

Just a big thanks for your work at san jose shelter – the shelter had a very tough start years ago and good to see you at the shelter with your interests in animal welfare cases…..amazing work and sharing. Thanks for being you!
Lorraine (owner of 10+ dogs, cats, horses …and all worth it!)

New big “LIKE” from Silicon Valley Pet Project! We think you are AMAZEBALLS. Thank you for all your compassion for animals in need…” –Silicon Valley Pet Project

As an aspiring veterinary student (applied and got in this year!) I absolutely love reading your blog. I want to work in a shelter in the future. Thank you so much for all you do!” -Kubra

I just watched Opening Pandora’s Box. I would like to say thank you to all involved in this and many other happy beginnings for these wonderful creatures.” -Rhonda

Thank you for all you done for Gracie. If these are her last days at least I know she was shown love and compassion at your shelter.” -CindyLu

“Dr. Ostermann, I can’t believe I’ve been a volunteer at the shelter for almost 5 years and haven’t heard about your website! I’ve seen you several times with my foster kitties and dogs. You’re the best. There are lots of people who probably don’t even realize that vets and their assistants even work at shelters. Thanks for all your wonderful work. See you at the shelter!” -Celeste

Just found your blog today and LOVED it! So good to see the work you do to heal and rehab animals. My daughter is taking the doggie volunteer class next weekend and is SO excited about contributing to the lives of these animals.” -Donielle

“Thank you for all the awesome work you’re doing for the shelter animals!” – NYC Teens for Animals

“You are awesome! Thank you for all you do ♥” -Chelsea

What fantastic work you do guys. I can’t stop watching all these rescue video’s and at the same time it breaks my heart ! What an ordeal! Such a great work you are doing! BLESS YOU, you make up for all the bad asses in this not so perfect world! Thank you people!!!” -Bernadette

You guys are true heroes!! this video made me extremely happy and i smiled all throughout it, thank you for being awesome and kind! keep up the good work. -Jasmine

“Thank God for good people willing to help a little innocent doggie like this…God bless you all. I believe there is a special place in heaven for you all. <3″ -Heather

You are angels to do what you do with these hopeless dogs God Bless you.” -Nancy

Thank you… I am in complete awe and respect for your commitment to help animals. I have been devastated so many times to meet vets who actually don’t seem to love animals and don’t always do the right thing…you though never lost that real core of why you got into this and I honor that and thank you a thousand times over for caring. This is a passion, for some far greater reason we will perhaps understand better one day, the care of these helpless creatures who depend on us mean so much more to me than all the material things the world taunts us with promising us happiness….may God bless you in your endeavors and I cannot thank you and your team enough for exhibiting the best humanity has to offer!! Amazing stuff and thank you so much for sharing!!” -RR

Thank you so much for doing what you do. I’m not strong enough to do your job, and I have tremendous respect for those who fight to help the animals. None of us are perfect, but please know that each of you are my heroes.” -Kasey

“You guys do an amazing job as doctors and video makers.” -Hope

Thank you all for everything you do, to help save these precious, beautiful innocent animals… warms my heart. I am glad the babies are safe.” -Shannon

Awww thanks for saving animals like that, people would probably just put them to sleep but you guys take the effort to cure and save them, believing that they deserve a chance. That touched my heart! Continue doing the amazing things you are doing!!! GOD BLESS:)” -Xuannie

You do such INCREDIBLE WORK!!! Thank You for your tireless work for, and loving care of these dear, sweet, mistreated furbabies =)” -Jessy


I really wish the vets here in Dalton Georgia were even half as loving and dedicated as y’all are. Y’all give me hope.” -Connie

Keep on doing this!! It really does brighten up my day to see a neglected/ abused dog/cat turn into a heathly puppy/kitty with a furever home ^-^” -PVS

Moved me to tears. What wonderful people you are! I’m moving to Bay area from LA soon and bringing my pets to you. I’ve done a lot of rescue but none as severe as this. A huge thank you to your vet and vet tech team. Well done!!!” -LA

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  1. Wow! I just found your page and read some of the stories, all of which brought me to tears. As a longtime rescuer who has often been at odds with animal control, especially concerning the caring for those who are sick or injured, it is an incredible blessing and relief to see your stories. The work you do is amazing and I am so encouraged that there are such vets working in shelters. Who are willing to go as far as you are to help these poor babies. The work you did for Juliebean was most touching as she was so old, honestly how many vets, especially in shelters, would do all that work for a senior? Bless you and the work you do and I sooooo hope your work encourages other shelter vets to follow in your steps!!!

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