Tumbleweed’s Makeover

Stash – Shelter Dog with Head Trauma

Stash may be missing an eye, but he’s lucky to be alive with the head trauma he sustained. Watch his video tail to see his journey…



Orbit arrived at the San Jose Animal Shelter with severe wounds to one of her hind legs. Check out her video to see what happened to Orbit…

Melrose’s Eye-Opening Makeover

Watch her makeover… Poor Melrose was so matted when she came to the shelter that she couldn’t even see. Her eyes were completely matted shut. It was no wonder she was disoriented and terrified. Our veterinary team was able to trim the hair around her eyes to let her see, which quickly put her at ease. Read More …

Officers Rescue Deer Trapped in Fence

This week we’re heading out to Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California with the San Jose Animal Services Officers to help rescue a deer that was trapped in a fence.