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Dr. Sharon Ostermann is one of two full-time animal shelter veterinarians at the San Jose Animal Care Center (Facebook).

The San Jose Animal Care Center is a municipal (city-run) animal shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area, run by San Jose Animal Care & Services, that takes in approximately 17,000 animals per year and is funded by taxpayers as well as donations and grants. At 50,000 square feet it is the largest free-standing animal shelter on the west coast. The shelter is part of a unique coalition of six animal shelters known as the WeCARE Coalition, a group that is devoted to improving the quality of life of all animals in Santa Clara County and has been saving all healthy, adoptable animals since 2011. Read more about the coalition here.

In addition to her Doctoral degree in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ostermann has a Masters degree in Veterinary Forensics which she uses to assist the San Jose Animal Services Officers, San Jose Police Department and Santa Clara County District Attorney with the investigation and prosecution of animal neglect and animal cruelty. Given that people who commit crimes against animals are also likely to commit crimes against people, it is especially important that crimes committed against animals are prosecuted.

Dr. Ostermann is also the author of the well-known veterinary blog “Life In Vet School & Tips On Getting In” which has served as a resource for students interested in a career in veterinary medicine since 2009. She manages both websites in her free time and with her own money. To help support the website, please consider making a gift.

To read more about Dr. Ostermann’s journey into shelter medicine, please CLICK HERE.

*** Disclaimer: the opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are those of the author alone and are not indicative of the opinions of the AVMA, CVMA, WeCARE Coalition, The City of San Jose or any other organization.

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  1. Hello Dr. Osterman. I’ve seen many of your videos but I’m really new to your site. You doing fabulous work with these animals. I had a suggestion about animal care that’s costly or difficult. I don’t know if you know about Dr. Matt but if you go to youtube and Google Vet Ranch you will see what he’s doing he’s doing with animals. He takes care of strays animals that were turned in and animals that are brought him for care long-term care. Everything is paid for by donations from his YouTube channel. I thought you might want to contact him and see what he thinks about being part of your network. Again wonderful work with the animals, please keep it up. Jackie Hall

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