Lab Puppy Fractured Jaw: Banana’s Second Chance

A 7-week old yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, later named Banana, was brought to the San Jose Animal Care Center by his owners – the people who bred him and his siblings – and surrendered him for euthanasia. The tiny puppy’s jaw hung loose, mouth agape, after the puppy’s sire chomped on his head according to the breeders. Poor Banana’s jaw was broken, yet he was still wagging his tail despite the pain!

The shelter’s veterinary team immediately started Banana on strong pain medications to help make him comfortable. The care that Banana would need to fix his jaw was more than the shelter could provide, so Tails of a Shelter Vet posted Banana on Facebook in the hopes that either someone in the community or a rescue group would be willing and able to take on Banana’s care.

Fortunately within an hour of posting Banana’s story on Facebook, a rescue group in the Bay Area – Umbrella of Hope – stepped up to take Banana. Then one of our amazing shelter volunteers, Cathy, transported him to the rescue group. Banana was out of the shelter and on his way to recovery within an hour thanks to their amazing efforts!

Cathy arrived within an hour to transport Banana to Umbrella of Hope.

Over the coming weeks and months, we watched as Banana received amazing love and care in the hands of Umbrella of Hope.

Radiographs of Banana’s Fractures

One of Banana’s Fractures

The second of Banana’s fractures.

Banana underwent multiple surgeries to repair his jaw.

During the recovery process, Banana had to wear a special tape muzzle to stabilize and support his jaw to allow it to heal. He also had to learn to eat with the muzzle on, though he had no problem with that (after all, he is a lab!).

Banana wore a special tape muzzle to help his jaw heal.

Banana also enjoyed bath time.

Banana continued to receive care in a loving foster home, but ultimately, the foster home couldn’t part with Banana and ended up adopting him.

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