Mystery Solved: Why is this matted dog limping?

There are so many reasons for a dog to limp. There might be broken bones, painful joints, sore muscles, a wound, an abscess, a ligament or tendon issue, or arthritis to name just a few.

Since animals cannot tell us where it hurts or what they did to make it hurt, it is part of a veterinarian’s job to evaluate an animal and sort out what might be the cause of the problem. Many times diagnostic tests are necessary, such as radiographs, but sometimes, simply being an astute veterinarian with good examination skills will do the trick.

Dr. Hoshizaki did exactly that with a very matted dog that came in to the San Jose Animal Care Center as a stray dog with a limp. The dog was young and had lots of matts covering its body from improper care (certain breeds of dogs need to be groomed regularly!), but why was it limping?

Fish Hook in Paw of Stray Matted Dog at Animal Shelter

After a careful examination, Dr. Hoshizaki found the problem — a fishing hook that was stuck deep in the dog’s matts and was poking the dog’s paw when it put that leg down. The hook was promptly removed and the dog was instantly more comfortable!

Fish Hook in Paw of Stray Matted Dog at Animal Shelter