An Unusual Canine Case – Small Dog with Strange Oral Trauma

When you work in an animal shelter that sees 17,000 animals every year, you see some unusual things. Although this specific case may not be the strangest, it was noteworthy because of how easily it could have been overlooked.

This case was so easy to overlook that when our team did a physical examination on the little mutt shown in the photo below, we didn’t even notice the problem. Our team noticed he had some dental issues that we would be addressing at the same time as his neuter, but there wasn’t much else going on.

Fortunately, at the time that he was having his dental issues addressed, our veterinary staff noticed that the lip adjacent to one of his canine teeth was not normal. The dog’s lower lip had been punctured by the lower canine tooth. It was clear that the puncture wasn’t recent as there was no wound. The lip had healed while permanently anchored to the dog’s canine tooth.

Though we were able to lift the lip over the tooth to free it, the hole in the lip remained permanent and would likely recur. As a result, the veterinary team decided it was best to remove the tissue that was catching on the tooth, eliminating the “hole” that had been created. This allowed the lips to rest comfortably and freely adjacent to the dog’s teeth.

Once the punctured part of the lip was removed, the little mutt was able to heal and find a forever home.