Tiny 1-Pound Kitten’s Eye Ruptured

A tiny kitten was being cared for by a foster family through the San Jose Animal Care Center. The kitten had been diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (URI) and was being managed through the VCA clinics that the shelter uses for foster care this year.

Although the kitten’s URI improved, he also had an ulcer on his eye that ultimately ruptured. The VCA clinics indicated the tiny kitten imminently needed an enucleation (eye removal surgery), though they were not able to perform the surgery on such a tiny kitten.

Tiny 1-Pound Kitten's Eye Ruptured

Tiny 1-Pound Kitten's Eye Ruptured

As a result, the kitten came back to the San Jose animal shelter to have his eye removed. The shelter’s veterinary team routinely performs surgery on kittens as small as 1.3 pounds with great success, in part due to the special steps that the team takes to prevent the delicate kittens from developing hypothermia or hypoglycemia.

The team efficiently performed the surgery, and the kitten recovered from anesthesia without any issues.

Tiny 1-Pound Kitten's Eye Ruptured

The kitten quickly recovered from the surgery and didn’t seem to miss the eye that was causing him so much trouble. Soon after, he was adopted from the San Jose shelter!

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