This is what happens when you don’t brush your dog’s teeth…

I brush my teeth every day. I would hope and expect you do the same. If we didn’t brush our teeth, not only would we have bad breath, but our teeth would accumulate tartar, cavities and other problems that are not only very painful, but could cause us to lose our teeth!

So what about your dog? Do you brush his or her teeth every day? If not, why not?

Have you looked at what your dog’s teeth look like in the past week? month? year? I’m not just talking about the teeth in the front. What about the teeth all the way in the back?

Did you know dog’s have 42 teeth? That’s a lot of teeth to keep track of. More often the teeth we see the most problems with are not in the front of the mouth, but rather towards the back.

When dog’s don’t get their teeth brushed and they don’t go in for regular cleanings, their teeth can accumulate years worth of tartar plus dental disease that results in bone loss, roots becoming exposed and teeth so loose that a strong gust of wind might actually cause them to fall out. Which brings us to the case of the week, an adult large mixed breed dog that needed some serious dental work from the shelter’s veterinary team.

Based upon the severity of the dog’s dental health, it is likely this dog never received any dental care in its entire life. Many teeth that should take a lot of effort to take out were easily plucked out.

In the end, just a few teeth remained. While the dog will still be able to eat food normally (dogs don’t really need to chew), this outcome is truly unfortunate as it was highly preventable. While that is sad to think about, what is worse is knowing how much pain this dog was in on a daily basis from having such severely diseased teeth.

Remember, neglecting an animal is a crime. Neglecting an animal’s dental health is no exception. Please spread the word to help draw attention to the importance of taking care of our pet’s teeth.

3 thoughts on “This is what happens when you don’t brush your dog’s teeth…

  1. That i so sad. I hate to go to the dentist, so i have a false upper and a partial, so i know what it is.I could have taken better care of my teeth.

  2. This is sad but some people don’t have the $200 it takes to have them cleaned by a vet. I don’t have it and my dog will not let me brush his teeth. I have owned 4 dogs and none of them had bad teeth. The one we have now is a rescue and I don’t even no for sure how old he is because I got different answers from every vet he saw. He needs his teeth cleaned because I know they are worse than any of our other dogs, but we can’t afford to pay for it. I don’t know of anyone that does it for free.

  3. His teeth are not any where near as bad as the dog in this picture but he needs it done before they get worse.

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