5 thoughts on “Carla

  1. So glad this kitty lived long enough to get to skilled, loving care. The surgery was scary. You all, at your place, did a remarkable, successful operation. Thank you

  2. I’m glad that this sweet little girl was given a chance by your clinic. I know your life is busy, Dr. Ostermann, but in a case like Carla’s, how do you cover the width of the abdomen when there’s only half the normal size of the diaphragm? Or will it grow as she does to regular size the way the liver can when a part is removed? I appreciate any reply if possible.

  3. I just think you are the most talented, compassionate vet! The “tails” you tell and the videos on your surgeries speak volumes as to the calling you have. Thank you for your work with Carla and all the many, many animals who are hear to be testimony to your love for animals and the healing work you do.

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