Darla – Attacked by Other Dog in Home, Surrendered to Shelter Bleeding from Bite Wounds

Poor Darla was extremely timid when she came to the San Jose shelter, which was understandable given that she had just been attacked by her family’s other dog and was actively bleeding. Darla’s owners surrendered her to the shelter, choosing to keep the other dog that had been the aggressor during the altercation. We walked Darla Read More …

Chanel’s Cystotomy to Remove a Giant Bladder Stone


Orbit arrived at the San Jose Animal Shelter with severe wounds to one of her hind legs. Check out her video to see what happened to Orbit…

Melrose’s Eye-Opening Makeover

Watch her makeover… Poor Melrose was so matted when she came to the shelter that she couldn’t even see. Her eyes were completely matted shut. It was no wonder she was disoriented and terrified. Our veterinary team was able to trim the hair around her eyes to let her see, which quickly put her at ease. Read More …

Dixie’s Transformation – The Worst Case of Feline Scabies You’ll Ever See

Dixie was miserable when she was brought to the San Jose animal shelter. Her owners wanted her euthanized for having dehydrated skin, when she really had a severe case of feline scabies. Wait until you see what happens at the shelter!